Dealing with art is a passion.
Collecting art is a unique and special statement.
KunstKontor assists art collectors, beneficiaries of art estates and sellers of art worldwide.
Our field of expertise is paintings, drawings and sculptures from the 18th century throughout modern art.
Whether you are an art lover, art collector or private buyer, the decision to buy an art piece for investment purposes relies on a variety of parameters. These need to be addressed professionally, in order to assure the best possible success and sustainable outcome for your investment.
Investing in art is a matter of trust. Our mission is to accompany and aid you throughout the entire process of building your own art collection. Please feel free to contact us either per e-mail, telephone, or request a personal appointment in our Wiesbaden offices’ and we shall be happy to assist you with any questions and inquiries. 

PREMIERE in Frankfurt:
Bull & Bear ”The Constant Battle”

The time had finally come on January 29. The artist Pawel Luchowski presented his impressive bronze ensemble "Bull & Bear" for the first time ever. These gold-plated figures made of bronze were shown to the public at Hotel Jumeirah in Frankfurt during IR 2015. With “Bull & Bear,” the experienced sculptor designed two impressive bronze figures that face one another with powerful motion dynamics at the very moment they battle. For decades, the bull and the bear have symbolized the daily battle for better performance, successful investments and to be the stronger market participant on the capital markets. The stock market is the scene of the battle. 
The international participants in the Forum on Investor Relationships had ample opportunity to get to know the artist and his work. Besides the advance orders that were received, the sale of a sculpture to a customer in the USA was a special success for the artist on this day.
You’ll find more information on this artwork here:
Effective immediately, the sculpture can be viewed in a showroom in Wiesbaden.
Started December 2014
Presentation LaBGC: Series ‚Weltenalter‘.
The artist LaBGC has envisaged the new series „Weltenalter“. The artist - living in Spain and Germany - explores primordial aesthetical and cultural forms evolved for thousands and thousands of years. Anthropological and archaeological contents are displayed in an unprecedented manner.
The artist about her work: „The paintings visualise cyclicism and illuminate pathways for the rediscovery of supraculturalism, universalism, connexity.
A very special and intimate cooperation:
The artist’s studio at Wiesbaden - exhibiting the series ‚Weltenalter’ - is open
to visitors exclusively by prior appointment via KunstKontor.
Questions concerning studio visit/appointment directly via KunstKontor, via our web page or mail: info@kunstkontor-wiesbaden.com     
KunstKontor represents LaBGC with her complete artworks.
At the same time KunstKontor presents in it`s shoroom some works from former periods of the artist.

Presentation Bull&Bear „The Constant Battle“.

Only few days and the impressive bronze ensemble Bull&Bear will be seen in our showroom. With this work Pawel Luchowski has created a dynamic interpratatiion full of tension of this symbolic-laden moment

Art buyers and investors require competent consultation achievement.

If art buyers still decided only a few years ago often spontaneously or in the gallery or fair conversation for the purchase of a piece of art, the art buyer of today expects a much deeper-going consultation to general aspects like market development, details to the diverse segments and epochs. This information is important for the art buyer, no matter whether he is interessted to purchse a work from a contemporary artist, a work from the 19th or 20th century or wants to purchase an art relief.
Without doubt: Art should express a personal predilection and should give above all pleasure - but the investment aspect and the value-receiving aspects by the art purchase become more and more important.
KunstKontor offers with his workshop series: Art purchase, art market and value arrangement a huge number of possibilities of information and individual consultation.
The Workshop is carried out regularly in our showroom as well as in cooperation with our finance partners. The cost of sales contribution for the half-day Workshop amounts to 120.00 €.  
Appointments for the workshop can be requested about our web page or by mail: info@kunstkontor-wiesbaden.com
Under the columns NEWS and EXHIBITIONS you find our other, topical activities, as for example the limited graphics briefcase "Panorama de Sangre" which was published together with the artists Dirk Sommer and Bernhard Strauss exclusively with KunstKontor.